Sunday, March 11, 2012

MapBooker iOS app

Easy way to collect latitude/longitude.

MapBooker provide you easy way to collect latitude/longitude through iOS Location Service and report back plain text,text file,MS Excel(xls) to email.

This app initially made for my consult company to collect Lat/Lon of mass number of location.

- Save location name, latitude and longitude by drag-and-drop pin and easy to edit.
- Easy switch map type road map, satellite, hybrid (double check).
- Organize location list by collect date.
- Able to export list by date or range of date.
- Export plain text,text file,MS Excel(xls) to email.

App Store Link:

App Info
Device Requirements : iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad
Primary Category : Utility
Copyright : 2012 Thosapol Sangkasub
Version Number : 1.3
SKU Number : KA120310
Price : 1.99USD