Sunday, January 29, 2012

AnimeDB - Anime Database iOS app

AnimeDB (アニメDB)
Japanese anime database.

The mass and update anime(Japanese animation;アニメ) database on iPhone/iPad. This app provide most easy and convenience way to browse through feature lists of anime in each year sort by rating, popularity and title; search for anime title; see character, voice actor, staff, song, animation production and their previous works; search for video; bookmarking your favorite title, people and company.

- Mass and update anime database.
- Browse through anime title rank by rating, popularity of each year.
- View anime, cast, voice actor, staff, song and their previous work details.
- Search for anime title.
- Bookmark favorite title.

App Store Link:

App Info
Device Requirements : iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad
Primary Category : Entertainment/Life Style
Copyright : 2012 Thosapol Sangkasub
Version Number : 1.3
SKU Number : KA120210
Price : FREE (Romove Ad 1.99USD)



  1. hi, I installed this app and was able to successfully use it until yesterday. suddenly i cannot use the app. it opens fine when i am not connected to a wifi, but when i am connected to wifi, the app loads for a few second closes.. do you have any fix or updates for this?

  2. update will coming. I contact data source with this and I have to change my whole structure to serve their system so it take time.

  3. このアプリめちゃいいだけど、三ヶ月前から不具合発生ですぐに落ちるんです、出来るだけ早く直して欲しいです

  4. Is this app coming back to the app store it disappear

  5. Hi, is it possible to publish (or send) the .IPA file of this app? because it is not available in the Italian Itunes Store.

  6. +1 to max. İ need for turkey store too

  7. Do you have this app available for android phone and/or Asia region compatible? I would love to download this app because it's awesome.